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GANIS Systems Ltd., founded in 1991 (headquarters in Nes Ziona, Israel), specializes in providing innovative solutions for the challenging job of efficiently collecting on-street parking fees. With Ganis' ground breaking family of personal parking meters (also known as in-car parking meter used for on street parking) the parking manager can increase revenues and net income by staggering 50% while significantly raising customer satisfaction. A personal parking meter is a small device that is used by the motorist to pay for on-street parking fees. It is used by the motorist instead of traditional devices such as parking meters, pay & display machines etc. The parking time is charged by the minute giving the customer a fair and easy payment method.

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Ganis' personal parking meters combine the advantages of cellular parking and Pay and Display systems, while offering a solution that requires a lower capital investment and reduces maintenance and transaction cost associated with more traditional alternatives.

Used Worldwide

Ganis' meters are used across to solve parking issues across the world - in the USA, Canada, Belgium, Holland, Finland, Norway, Austria, Sweden, Spain, Italy, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Australia and in New Zealand.

New GPRS System

New GPRS enforcement system is now available for the Comet.

Real Time Information

Artemis provides the parking enforcement officers with the tools to check parked vehicles and to issue citations based on real time information.

Time Management

Ganis has recently entered the time management field with its Smart TAC mobile time attendance clock.


Ditch Coin Operated Parking Meters

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It will change the way you look at on-street parking forever! See how easy it is to use!

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Takes the hassle out of on-street parking management. Reloadable over the Internet and phone!

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Automated Car Parking System

Traffic in street is very disgusting to experience. Even parking your car may also give you the experience of traffic. Luckily now a days there is solution to this problem. The automated car parking system offers efficiency, convenience, safety and reliability. The most important thing that automated car parking system can do is to reduce traffic. Automated car parking system is a method of automatically parking and reclaiming cars that classically use a system of lifts and pallets. This parking system is used to compact more cars in the same parking area. It can maximize the space of the parking lot. There are many types of this system.

puzzle parking systemPuzzle Parking System
The puzzle parking system is a parking system thathas the combination of pallets carrying cars separately load and unload of the cars. This is an independent system. Another feature of this parking system is the faster operation in coming in and out of the cars. This parking system is electromechanically operated. There is a combination of several levels horizontally and vertically. Puzzle parking system is available in both outdoor and indoor installation. This type of parking system often available in residential places, malls, and hotels. The car models that are suitable for this kind of parking system are Sedan and SUV.

Stacker Crane Parking System
The stacker crane parking system is a parking system that is a typical storage system. This parking system has a unique machine that operate it, called Stacker. It centrally moves and also has parking openings on its side. Stacker crane parking system has a robotic device that can push and pull the car from and to the parking bay.This kind of parking system is suitable to be used in longitudinal parking lots. This kind of parking system can accommodate 100 to 300 cars. It depends on the number of floors, it can exceed more than 300. The car models that are suitable for this kind of parking system are Sedan and SUV.

cart parking systemCart Parking System
The cart parking system is a parking system that has multiple entry and exit. It is based on the project design. Cart is the inbuilt mechanism which can able to move every parking floor in this parking system. Cart parking system can be with pallet b or without pallet. This kind of parking system can be found in longitudinal parking areas. It can accommodate 50 to 100 cars or more. The models of cars that this parking system can accommodate maybe varies because you can customize the design of this parking system.

Chess Parking System
The chess parking system is a parking system that is a revolutionary type.  Extreme operation of the floor space is possible with this kind of parking system. Chess parking system has no drive way, and also no space for movement of machines that will operate. This parking system has floor riding roller bed system which can allow the crisscross drive of the pallet andthe car. Chess parking system mostly installed on RCC floors. This kind of parking system can accommodate 800 to 1000 cars and more, it depends on the design of this parking system.