Industry Events for 2010
This year we have participated in the two industry main shows the Intertraffic in Amsterdam and the IPI in Las Vegas.

As every year during the past 10 years Ganis has exhibiting at the IPI taking place this year in Denver . This year there were three companies exhibiting in car meters demonstrating how well this category of products is now received by the customers

With our growing number of reputable international representatives we have decided this year  to be represented during the major parking shows only by these agents . Simplepark  , our North American distributor stand at the IPI confenrece atttracted hundreds of potential customers showing an interest in the Comet our newest personal parking meter

Ganis Systems will be attending major international trade shows and events in 2007.  In order to request or schedule a meeting with Ganis Systems during one of the upcoming conferences or trade shows, please email us and a business development representative will contact you directly.

Parking Conference Helsinki, Finland
Ganis exhibited in Helsinki – Finland in May 2007, meeting with our local agent and catching up on the progress of the Comet pilot in Helsinki. There was also much interest from other Finnish cities and towns looking for new parking solutions.

IPI Tampa, Florida – USA
Ganis exhibited at IPI in Florida in May 2007 – presenting its new line of enforcement equipment for the first time. The show was a great success and has resulted in many leads both in the US and in South America.

Florida Parking Association Trade show
Ganis has decided to target the state of Florida in 2007 and will be exhibiting at the Florida Parking Association trade show in December 2006. Please contact us by email to set a meeting with our representative

IPI Las vegas, USA
IPI was surprisingly busy this year, considering that it took place in Las Vegas!  It was a great opportunity for us to meet our US partners and customers and to meet new potential customers.  As a result of IPI, we have already signed a new agreement with a US agent and have made valuable contacts in new cities and campuses.

All in all it was a great show!

North West Parking Association Conference
Ganis attended the NWPA conference in August 2006, meeting key players in the North West parking industry.

Intertraffic, Amsterdam
Ganis Systems launched the newest addition to its personal parking meters at Intertraffic in Amsterdam – Comet!  Interest was tremendous and motorists around the world should be able to start paying for their on-street parking fees as soon as autumn 2006.  The Ganis booth was visited by visitors from all over the world – from the US, Asia, Australia and many loyal European customers.  Once again, the Intertraffic show gave Ganis the opportunity to catch up with valued customers and to meet new potential ones.  All in all a great success!

UC Parking Manager Conference
Ganis was invited to exhibit its winning products at the UC parking conference in March 2006.  As a result, Ganis has made excellent progress with six institutions interested in introducing the system.

Intertraffic North America
Ganis Systems took part in the Intertraffic exhibition in Baltimore, USA 27-29 of September 2005. Ganis was looking for partners in North and South America to distribute its line of in-car parking meters.

Wiesbaden Parking Exhibition, Germany
Ganis Systems participated in the Wiesbaden Parking Exhibition in Germany in June 2005. The aim was to strengthen European ties and to meet new potential European customers.

IPI exhibition, Florida, USA
Ganis Systems launched the new SPARK in car parking meter at the IPI exhibition in Florida in May 2005. There was a great deal of interest shown in this new mini in-car parking meter. As a result of the show, pilots have been set up across the US and parts of Europe.

New Jersey Parking Institute conference
Ganis Systems exhibited at the New Jersey Parking Institute conference between November 20th – November 22nd at the Trump Marina Hotel casino in Atlantic City,New Jersey. Ganis and Advanced Parking Systems Ltd from Florida intend to exhibit together at the Florida Parking Association conference between October 16 – 18th at Marco Island , Florida.

Intertraffic, Amsterdam
Ganis Systems participated in INTERTRAFFIC AMSTERDAM – the largest exhibition of its kind, presenting the best in the design, management and maintenance of traffic and transport infrastructure and technology. Ganis presented its latest technology in In-Car Parking Meters in addition to some innovative products for verification and authentication of permits and tags.

Parking Industry Exhibition
Ganis Systems was represented at the Parking Industry Exhibition that took place in Chicago between the 18-20 of April 2004, by its North American distributor T2 Systems Ltd.

International Parking Institute
As every year Ganis Systems systems participates at the annual IPI exhibition and conference, This year a large number of visitors from South America especially Columbia have visited the Ganis booth in addition to the usual interest shown by US and Canadian guests.

Intertraffic – Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Between April 15-18,2002 Ganis Systems participated at Intertraffic, the largest of its kind, for design, management and maintenance of traffic and transport infrastructure in Amsterdam. We exhibited our new developments at the show and were happy to see a great range of new technologies that were shown during the exhibition.

IPI Toronto, Canada
Ganis Systems Ltd participated and exhibited at the IPI’s Parking Industry exhibition at Toronto in June 2002. It was a great opportunity to meet our current partners from North America and to get new leads from across the world.