Ganis Systems is a leader in the development and manufacturing of innovative solutions for the parking industry based on smart card and communication technologies.  Ganis Systems proposes three types of personal parking meters Smart Park , Spark and Comet.  These products offer a complete range of solutions to solve the problem of effectively collecting on-street parking fees.  Ganis also offers a new line of GPRS enforcement devices that are being used successfully in dozens of cities around the world.

Why pay use a personal parking meter?

Running Late?
Never outstay your meter – the personal parking meter will continue to work for as long as you are legally allowed to park for

No coins?
Using a personal parking meter means you never need to worry about having enough change again

Want to save money?
Pay only for what you park – save money every time you switch your personal parking meter on!

Need a receipt?
Depending on the type of meter you are using, you can download your parking events from your smart card or view all your parking transactions online at any time and in any place.

“Just about the handiest way to pay for parking…”  Donald Shoup, Professor of Urban Planning UCLA

Ganis Systems also deploys its unique technology to address other problems such as time attendance of mobile workforces (more information available on the Smart TAC site). The company’s mission is to provide the BEST options for customers looking for a Parking Solution or Time Attendance Solution.

Based on over a decade of technological experience, Ganis Systems can provide your organisation with the best solution to fit your needs. To accomplish this we have been partnering with the very best manufacturers and minds to provide the latest technological solutions to our customers.