Comet is the latest addition to the Ganis Systems personal parking meters. Based on the reliability and efficiency of the Smart Park method, but designed to fit the needs of the modern parker. Comet is a personal parking meter used by parkers to pay for on-street parking fees.  The device is displayed inside the parked vehicle and automatically deducts the parking fee from the pre-paid bank inside the device.

The day-to-day management of the system can be run completely independently from the city council or parking department. The parking management body will be responsible for the implementation of the system, but the mundane selling and re-loading can be done over the internet.  No need to take on and train extra staff to sell the devices and to deal with customers needing to top-up their banks.

All in all a very straightforward and effective payment system for on-street parking!

• Cashless system – no need to look for small change or to insert a credit card in a parking meter
• Can be reloaded over the internet, mobile phone, or in the parking shop
• Can be reloaded using a USB cable which automatically downloads anonymous parking data used for statistical analysis, and uploads new parking zones/tariffs
• Has a replaceable battery
• Unlimited lifetime
• Can be reloaded as often as required – no maximum number of reloads
• Multiple zone operation
• Or can be programmed to work only in one zone – to replace the special permits
• Can be programmed to charge a maximum fee
• Totally maintenance free
• Very low cost system
• Can be programmed with the city/university’s zones and tariffs
• Simple and efficient enforcement (visual and with the use of a GPRS enforcement system)

What does the municipality need to start using the Comet System?
• Define the areas and streets in which it will operate – both on the streets and a leaflet to inform the motorists of the zones
• Inform your enforcement team that the new system will soon be available to motorists
• Ganis will provide you with your personalized Comet site that will be linked to your city’s website
• Advertise and market the system to potential users

How does the motorist start using the Comet system?
• Purchase Comet personal parking meter either online or at the municipality parking office (The motorist will receive a town map showing the various zones and tariffs)
• Go to your city/university’s parking site to load the first sum of money into the Comet’s bank (instructions will be provided both on the site and with the device)
• Parking – very simple to use – find a parking space, park, activate Comet and select your parking zone, display, leave the car.  Upon return, switch Comet OFF and this will stop the payment.  Couldn’t be simpler!
• The motorist will be able to recharge or replace the Comet at their ease either over the internet or by a series of SMS
• As in all types of personal parking meters, motorists will only ever pay for the actual time parked!