Smart Park

SMART PARK is a personal parking meter which permits cashless parking fee payment based on actual time parked.  No more fumbling for small change, looking for pay&display machines, or risking getting a parking fine for over staying your time!

User friendly – easy to operate
Cost effective – minimal investment
Highest security standards
No need to handle cash – no vandalism problems
Wide variety of features and options
Easily integrated into existing parking systems
City tariffs and regulations incorporated into system
Parking data collected for management analysis
Easy distribution of revenues between participating authorities

All cities have different parking regulations; different zoning, tariffs and different groups of motorists that need special parking methods and rules. The Smart Park system is programmable to meet the individual requirements of every customer.

The Ganis Smart Park System is made up of four components:  
Smart Park™ (SP) is activated and mounted in the parked vehicle for inspection
Smart Card (SC) carries the monetary value for payment and data is collected for data analysis and statistics
Parking Control Unit (PCU) used for inspection and authentication of Smart Park™
Back End Processing System (BEPS) processes management and revenue reports

1. The Smart Park (SP) Device
Smart Park is an personal parking meter the size of a small pocket calculator based on state-or-the-art Smart Card technology. Smart Park’s LCD acts both as a user interface for easy motorist operation and as a display for parking enforcement. Motorist selections are keyed into SP’s small keyboard. SP stores the municipal parking parameters, calculates the parking fee, debits the smart card and records historical parking data to the card. SP is mounted in the vehicle during the parking session for quick and easy parking inspection

2. The Smart Card (SC)
The pre-purchased Smart Card, is loaded with money to pay the motorist’s parking fees. These are individually deducted for each parking event.. Secondly, the municipality’s parking zone parameters (regulations) are loaded into the SC’s memory for updating Smart Park for proper operations. Lastly, the SC carries the historical parking data to the BEPS for analysis and report generation for the municipality.

3. The Parking Control Unit (PCU)
The parking control unit is used by the parking inspector to authenticate Smart Park™. Authenticating SP ensures that the device has not been tampered with, is an authorized parking device and that parking fees reach the coffers of the municipality. The PCU may be a one way or two way infra-red communications device enabling advanced controls and features for inspection.

4. The Back End Processing System (BEPS)
The Back End Processing System has the dual purpose of card handling functions and the analysis of historical parking data and revenues. Management of this data will enable improvement of the parking infrastructure and ensure profitability.