What is Spark ?
Designed by Ganis Systems Ltd. Spark is a small personal parking meter engineered to suit the needs of city motorists who want the convenience of on-street parking without the costs associated.

The motorist uses the Spark personal parking meter as an alternative to the  Pay&Display machines/parking meters.  Once the motorist has found a parking place, he/she simply activates the Spark, hangs it in the driver’s window, and leaves the car.  Upon returning to the vehicle, the motorist switches the Spark off stopping the payment automatically.

The motorist will ONLY ever pay for actual time parked, not a minute longer!

What does the motorist gain from using the Spark System?
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No need to look for small change
Pay only for time parked
Convenient and easy to use system
Modest initial investment
Never outstay your parking meter
No monthly setup fee

What does the municipality gain from using the Spark System?
Customer friendly – gives an alternative to unpopular parking systems
No cash money collection
No infrastructure fees
Environmentally friendly, no cluttering up the pavements with parking meters
Pay per minute enables a faster turnover of parking spaces
Very small initial investment
Reduces costs the costs associated with collections, fraud, and vandalism

What does the municipality need to start using the Spark System?
Define the areas and streets in which it will operate
Sign post the streets to indicate the parking zones
Operate an enforcement system wheel clamps, towing trucks etc.
Set up distribution and point of sale
Advertise and market the system to potential users

How does the motorist start using the Spark system?
Purchase Spark personal parking meter either at the municipality parking office or other appointed place of purchase.
The motorist will receive a town map showing the various zones and tariffs
Simple to use – find a parking space, park, activate Spark, display, leave the car.  Upon return, switch Spark OFF and stop paying.  Couldn’t be simpler!
The motorist will be able to recharge or replace the Spark at designated points throughout the town
Motorists will only ever pay for the actual time parked